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    Summer is waning, but luckily for all of us who are Book-A-Holics, it doesn't mean that Reading time is over. Anytime, any place, any book. We walk around like the book is attached to our hand. Grin----I love that sight!

   Of course, one of the most popular books being currently read is
"OUTLANDER", by Diana Gabaldon, ISBN 9780553393699. It's next to impossible to find an available copy in any library, and the stores have to keep re-ordering stock.
 I must confess that even though I briefly knew Diana (she was in the same RWA writers group I was for awhile) I had never read the Series. I'm not a fan of the First Person POV style so I had put it on the end of my long reading list. I just recently started reading it and have to slap myself for waiting so long! Ach, that Jamie is one "to-sigh-for" hero! Even though it is a long time coming in the book, the chemistry between Jamie and Claire is so deep it's endearingly soul felt. When Claire falls into Jamie's world, this strong women immediately takes a hard look at the facts and starts adjusting accordingly. I can truthfully say I wouldn't have made it! I would have went insane the moment I realized that "Uh oh, Toto, I'm not in Kansas anymore!"    Diana keeps the pace of the story moving fast and readers will find it hard to put the book down. A definite Recommend on this one!

   Another great book from prolific author Amber Polo is her re-published "
THE VORTEX" ISBN 9781497327306 (originally titled "Romancing Rebecca"). Ms. Polo's very unique Series of  "The Shapeshifters Library" are so "different, fun reads" that a Reader will automatically want to search out her other books."Hearts In the Vortex" has two completely opposite characters in the hero and heroine. Rebecca is a no-nonsense attorney for a needy group of author clients that search her out no matter where she tries to disappear to. She tries to have a much needed vacation in Sedona, Arizona. The key word here is TRIES.  Her authors find her and the usual chaos starts. But Rebecca has other more important things on her mind for the moment. Like Tom, the handsome, world famous clairvoyant she keeps bumping into. And then, there is also her new, very mysterious lover she knows nothing about ---not even what he looks like. AHA! Caught you! You'll just have to read the book to find out the answer to your questions on THAT comment! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

   A favorite author of mine has always been Kristen Hannah. I love all her books! "
AWAY" ISBN 9780312577216, is a continuation of the story from"Firefly At Large", with best friends forever Tully and Kate. It centers on Kate's daughter Marah. Ms. Hannah has a wonderful writing skill in bringing out all the emotions of each of her characters and making a Reader remember them long after finishing the book. Having to face Life and Reality after the loss of a loved one is never easy. This book takes you on a roller coaster ride and wrings out every emotion possible as you take that journey with Tully, Marah, and
the others. VERY Recommended!

   An older book, but nonetheless a great read is "
THE LOST SYMBOL" by Dan Brown, ISBN 9780385504225. I just finished reading it and loved it. Full of intrigue, danger, mysteries, facts and fiction, the story is fast paced and hard to put down. Bringing back his character, hero Robert Langdon, Mr. Brown centers a hard-to-decipher mystery around another "is this TRUE or...?" type of story he is so famous for. Definite Recommend!

Thats ALL for this round. Keep checking for Updates.....

Kari Thomas


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